Why every Architect should become a Certified Passive House Designer

Architecture, the art and science of buildings, should provide practical experience, inspiring aesthetics and should always keep up with the trends. In this new century, I would also add “be sustainable”. Therefore, many professionals (and we among them) believe that the next Big Thing in the architectural world is the Passive House Standard. Why? Here are 4 reasons:

1. Sustainability as a trend

Unless you are living under a rock, you probably noticed that sustainability is rapidly gaining popularity and attention. As the Passive House Standard focuses purely on the energy efficiency of buildings, it makes perfect fit into this ever-growing trend. The proven result of the Passive House principles is a drastic reduction in the demand for heating and cooling and consequently about 80% less energy use. And for architects the job satisfaction in Passive House does not lie just in doing your bit for the planet. Passive House means a front-loaded design process that is interested in the detail, and this is completely in line with an architect’s design satisfaction.

2. Regulations

In the fight against climate change a lot of countries around the world are changing their building codes and stimulating the application of low energy building principles. The EU, for example, committed to limit global warming well below 2 degrees Celsius and the related climate targets clearly indicate that CO2-reductions of 80-95% will be required in the building sector by 2050. To meet these targets the the Energy Performance of Buildings Directive of the European union has established a legislative framework that requires all new buildings to be nearly zero-energy buildings (nZEB) as of 31 December 2020. This rule already applies to public buildings as of 2019! As Passive House buildings are a cost-effective option for nZEB, you will be well prepared for the new regulations.

3. Long-term investment

Lower energy demand translated to consumer language means Lower Bills. Who wouldn`t like that? A person living in a Passive House building pays 5 to 9 times less for heating and cooling compared to someone living in a conventional building. A lot of people will say: “You will save on energy, but first you will have to invest tons of money to reach the Passive House criteria”. And that’s simply not true. Of course, to achieve the Passive House standard criteria, the initial investment is higher. But due to the energy savings, it will only take around 8 years to pay off the initial investment.

4. Worldwide recognition

The Passive House standard is the single most widely recognized standard for energy efficiency in the world! Having Passive House expertise within your practice is a clear demonstration of a commitment to energy efficiency and to taking action on climate change. It originates from Germany and has been rapidly growing for years with professionals all around the globe. Moreover, as the Passive House Standard becomes widely recognized, it has also turned into a great way of networking via the numerous conferences, events and media coverage. Next to this, once you get certified you will be added to the online database of Certified Passive House Designers. This means that if someone is looking for one in their area you`ll appear First. Great way to get new clients, right?

Convinced? To learn more about our Certified Passive House Designer Course click here. If you first want to learn more about the Passive House Standard, check out the most complete introductory Passive House online course ever made – Passive House 101.

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