Passive House Planning Package (PHPP)

The PHPP is the building energy modeling software used to design Passive House buildings and it is an essential part of the building design process.

The energy modelling software for Passive House and Low Energy buildings

With the PHPP you can create a complete building model and use it to determine the energy performance of both the whole building and its individual elements. Every design change will be instantly displayed and you will be able to efficiently rule out non-compliant designs and optimize the building performance.

The reliability of the calculation results and ease of use of this planning tool has already been experienced by several thousand users. In the context of accompanying scientific research in several completed projects in various climates, measured results were compared with the calculated results. In the process, a high correlation could be demonstrated between the demand calculated using the PHPP and the consumption ascertained through scientific monitoring projects. With careful planning of building efficiency, there will be no performance gaps.

The main features of the PHPP software are:

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PHPP 9.6

The Passive House Planning Package (PHPP) is an easy to use planning tool for energy efficiency for the use of architects and planning experts.

Included in the package: a printed manual that will be sent to you via post.

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Frequently Asked Questions

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What are the system requirenments?

The PHPP is based on an MS Excel workbook in the xlsx/xlsm format. Microsoft Windows XP (or higher) and Microsoft Excel 2007 (or higher) are system requirements. On Macintosh, PHPP works with Excel for Mac 2011 (or higher). As far as the authors are aware, the PHPP can also be used with current versions of OpenOffice or LibreOffice. However, depending on the platforms used and their programming, there may be a limited functionality of the calculation tool or the implemented macro tools.

What is the licence type?

PHPP is only provided as a single-user license, including a detailed manual. With the license, the PHPP user obtains a registration code which is used to register the PHPP license. Based on this registration, the user will receive updates to the calculation tool, or upgrade discounts for new versions of PHPP or designPH.

Is it a one-time fee?

Yes, the fee for the PHPP tool is one-time. Future software upgrades are paid extra.