Any Architect  Engineer Homeowner one can become a Certified Professional because we`ve got you covered with our Passive House courses!

Learn everything you have to know about the Passive House standard to design energy-efficient, comfortable and affordable buildings and become an industry leader with out Passive House online courses.

Introductory Courses​

This course is perfect for you if you:

  • Want to see if Passive House is for you
  • Are searching for place to learn the fundamentals of the Passive House standard
  • Want to enter the industry but don`t know from where to start
  • See if Passive House aligns with your career aspirations

Join the world of Passive House!

€ 149
Introduction to the Passive House Standard
Self-paced (approx. 7 hours)

Introduction to the Passive House Standard

Learn the fundamental principles of designing comfortable, energy-efficient, and cost-optimal Passive House buildings.

Professional Courses​

If you have already decided to become a Passive House Designer or Consultant, our All- in Package is your best choice because:

  • We have a 99,5% exam pass rate
  • Our Trustpilot score is 4.8/5
  • Comprehensive thanks to our hands-on approach
  • You get “Certification Guarantee”
  • Flexibility to learn at your own time and pace
  • Full support through Q&A sessions with lecturers and an exclusive access to our community.

Alternatively, you can purchase each component of the All-in Package separately.

Certified Passive House designer seal
€ 2347
Certified Passive House Designer / Consultant course (All-in package)
Cohort - approx. 90 hours

Certified Passive House Designer / Consultant course (All-in package)

The All- In package includes: 

  • Modules 1, 2 and 3 
  • CPHD/C Exam 
  • Lifetime access to PHPP 
  • Certification Guarantee 

Everything you need to become a Designer/ Consultant and start designing Passive House buildings! 

€ 1299
Passive House Design and Construction (Module 1)
Cohort (4 weeks)

Passive House Design and Construction (Module 1)

Learn everything about the Passive House principles and how they are applied in the design and construction of Passive House buildings.

€ 299
CPHD/C Online Exam Preparation  (Module 2)
Self-paced (approx. 30 hours)

CPHD/C Online Exam Preparation (Module 2)

Solidify your learnings and fully prepare yourself to successfully pass the exam. This module can only be bought with an exam ticket. 

€ 399
Using PHPP in Passive House Design and Certification (Module 3)
Self-paced (approx. 15 hours)

Using PHPP in Passive House Design and Certification (Module 3)

Learn how to use PHPP for residential buildings design and certification. 

Additionally, you get 12 Credit Points for renewing your Certificate.

€ 399
Certified Passive House Designer / Consultant Exam
Live online exam

Certified Passive House Designer / Consultant Exam

Sit the online exam to become a worldwide accredited Passive House Designer / Consultant. The exam is officially accredited by the Passive House Institute (PHI). 

Expert Courses

If you are a Certified Passive House Designer/Consultant, our All- in PHPP Expert Course Package is your best choice.

Become a PHPP Expert. Learn to use PHPP for the energy modeling of non-residential and retrofit projects, to use designPH to optimize your workflow, and to calculate thermal bridges. 

Alternatively, you can purchase each component of the All-in Package separately.

You will acquire PHI-approved CPDs for certificate renewal after completing each module. 

€ 1697
PHPP Expert course (All-in package)

PHPP Expert course (All-in package)

The Full course package includes

  • Expert Modules 1,2,3 
  • PHPP Expert Exam Prep 
  • PHPP Expert exam and accreditation fees.
€ 399
PHPP  Masterclass (Expert Module 1)
Self-paced (approx. 12 hours)

PHPP Masterclass (Expert Module 1)

Learn advanced PHPP concepts for non-residential and large multi-family buildings, design variants, economic calculations, and step-by-step EnerPHits.

€ 249
designPH Masterclass (Expert Module 2)
Self-paced (approx. 12 hours)

designPH Masterclass (Expert Module 2)

Master using the designPH plugin for SketchUp. A step-by-step online course to design Passive House and Low Energy buildings. 

€ 399
Thermal Bridges Masterclass (Expert Module 3)
Self-paced (approx. 10 hours)

Thermal Bridges Masterclass (Expert Module 3)

Master calculating and optimizing thermal bridges for any detail. This module includes in-depth training with both software flixo and THERM.

€ 250
bim2PH Masterclass
Self-paced (approx. 12 hours)

bim2PH Masterclass

Learn how to implement the Passive House principles in your projects and become a worldwide accredited Certified Passive House Designer / Consultant.

€ 349
PHPP Expert exam preparation
Self-paced (approx. 10 hours)

PHPP Expert exam preparation

Solidify your learnings and get fully prepared to successfully pass the exam and become a PHPP Expert. This module can only be bought with an exam ticket.

€ 399
PHPP Expert exam
Online exam

PHPP Expert exam

Sit the online exam to become a worldwide accredited PHPP Expert. A valid CPHD/C certificate is needed to get the PHPP Expert seal.

Tailored Courses

If you:

  • Are big team or group of experts that wish to get a course just for you at a convenient time and location
  • Need a tailored course with a focus on specific building types, topics, components, or climates.


Send us a request, and let us create the perfect course for your needs!

We have already helped: 

6 Reasons Why You Should Study With Us

 1. Quality Assurance

We are proud of our exceptionally high pass rate of 99.5% of the students who complete the whole course. Our fail-proof learning system guarantees success! By continuously developing and incorporating feedback from our past students, we consistently improve our materials, presentations, and preparation methods.

2. Trustworthy 

Passive House School is an accredited course provider, and both Svetlin and Anton are accredited Passive House Trainers by the Passive House Institute. Additionally, Svetlin is an accredited Passive House Certifier with over 50 projects to his name! Both trainers bring considerable experience from the industry from multiple perspectives – PH consultations, certification, architecture, materials distribution, etc.

3. Full Time Support

We`ve got you covered! All participants from any course can rely on us for clarifications, questions or guidance. Additionally, the CPHD/C course includes Q&A sessions with the trainers and exclusive access to our community of students and graduates where you can network, ask questions or seek local support.

4. Tailored to your needs

All courses are recorded, including the live sessions, so you can rewatch them at your convenience. This flexibility allows you to review the material at your own time, pace, and place, ensuring you fully understand the content and can fit your learning into your busy schedule.

5. Value for money 

Our courses offer exceptional advantages: experienced teachers, extensive lecture hours, additional exercises, flexibility, a certification guarantee, credits for renewal, and access to the Passive House community. While competitors typically charge a premium for such comprehensive packages, our goal is to make Passive House knowledge accessible to everyone, ensuring equal educational opportunities. That’s why we provide high-quality education at some of the lowest costs in the market.

6. User-friendly learning

Our courses are continually improving to ensure we present Passive House material in the simplest way possible. We have developed additional sample exam for practice, cheat sheets to assist you during the exam, and most importantly, our own lecture materials. These materials are aesthetically designed, well-structured, and filled with examples, photos, and case studies.

1000+ professionals trust our products

The Passive House School Method

1 Learn at your own pace

Learn on your terms, but never alone. All of our courses offer flexible schedules to accommodate busy schedules and provide greater flexibility. Complete our courses at your own pace and get all your questions answered by our experts. 

2 Practice oriented

We will teach you the Passive House design and construction principles in a practical way so that you can directly implement them in your projects. Everything we teach is from first-hand knowledge gained through our years of experience in consulting and certifying Passive House projects globally.

3 Get expert support

Our team of experts has been working in the Passive House field for more than 10 years and will answer any questions that you have. We will guide you in your journey of becoming a Passive Hosue Expert.

4 PHI Accredited

Passive House School is an accredited course and exam provider by the Passive House Institute (PHI). Our courses include high-quality material developed by the PHI and to enhance the learning experience and give even more value to our course participants we have created additional modules and resources.

Frequently asked questions

If your questions aren’t covered below, you can contact us or chat with us.

Which Passive House course should I take?

To learn the core principles of the Passive House Standard, you may have a look at the Passive House 101 online course.

If you are a professional and want to learn how to design a Passive House/EnerPHit building and become an accredited Passive House Designer/Consultant, we recommend you to take the dedicated Certified Passive House Designer/Consultant course.

If you are a Passive House professional who wants to be on top of the industry, we recommend our Expert Masterclass series.

What is the difference between the cohort and the self-paced courses?

The cohort courses take place live (online) and are taken by a group of students (a cohort). Self-paced courses are based on prerecorded lectures and you can complete these courses at your own pace.

Note: All live lectures of the cohort courses are recorded and all course participants get access to the recordings.

How can I become an internationally recognized Certified Passive House Designer?

You can earn the international designation of “Certified Passive House Designer / Consultant” in one of two ways: by taking the Certified Passive House Designer Exam or by submitting project documentation.

If you want to submit project documentation, you have to doc­u­ment a cer­ti­fied Pass­ive House, En­erPHit ret­ro­fit or PHI Low En­ergy Build­ing where you ex­er­cised full re­spons­ib­il­ity for the build­ing design and the pro­ject plan­ning with the PHPP. Sub­mis­sion of a pro­ject doc­u­ment­a­tion can be used to earn or re­new the cer­ti­fic­ate for one per­son per build­ing.

Do I get a discount as a student or an iPHA Member?

Students and iPHA members get a 10% discount.

If you are an iPHA Member, please send an email to with a link to your iPHA membership to provide you with a discount code.

If you are a student, please send your proof of enrollment to from your student email address.

Are the courses accredited by any institution?

Our professional and expert courses are accredited by the Passive House Institute (PHI).

I’m hesitant to spend money right now, do you offer payment plans?

Yes, we do — all courses have a payment plan option. Alternatively, you can choose to pay up front and receive a discount on your enrollment.

This sounds nice, but will it really help me?

Our content is actionable and easy to implement in your projects. We’ve already helped hundreds of professionals hone their skills and implement the Passive House strategies in their projects through our courses. Check out the student feedback on each course page to hear about their experience learning with us.

Do I have to be an architect or engineer?

Nope. Our courses are made for anyone interested in learning about the Passive House Standard. Depending on how much in-depth you want to learn about the Passive House principles, you should choose between the Beginner, Professional or Expert courses. 

At our professional courses, we’ve had homeowners, investors, students, etc. 

I’ve never worked on a building project before, which course should I start with?

Having zero experience in the field, we would recommend you to first learn the core principles of the Passive House Standard, and start with the Passive House 101 online course.

Then if you want to become an accredited Passive House Designer/Consultant, you can move on to the Certified Passive House Designer/Consultant course.

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