Thermal Bridge Calculation and Optimization

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Why do you need a thermal bridge calculation and optimization?

The heat losses through the thermal bridges in old and new buildings are enormous. This is due to the neglecting of the problem of the thermal bridge losses at the design stage and subsequently in the approval of the project and its realization (which is a result of both of the current normative documents, as well as of the misunderstanding of the principle of action of thermal bridges and underestimation of losses through them).

Increased heat losses through thermal bridges are not the only negative result. They can endanger the integrity of the construction of our buildings (panel blocks) and even worse – they are the cause of mold growth that leads to a number of diseases.

For the correct assessment of the thermal bridges, you could use our consultancy services. Investing in an evaluation and avoiding potential thermal bridges is negligible compared to direct (reducing heat losses) and indirect (extending the life of the building and reducing the respiratory diseases) profits to which it will result.

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