Rödene PHI Low Energy Building

Passive House School was the certifier of the Passive House in Sweden.

It is a typical Swedish style, one-family house, located in the area called Rödene, in Alingsås, in Sweden.
The entrance to the house is to the south and the elevation is +100.5 m.
Walking distance to the nearest lake is about 600 m. Surrounds with forests, lakes and fascinating nature everywhere, which remain beautiful throughout the seasons. Perfect location for horse riding, hiking, running, swimming
The property has a fairly large plot and a nice view from the window above the kitchen’s sink. Also, a beautiful stream flows through the yard, making soothing sounds. It is designed to please those who love nature and peace, but still want to stay close to a city.
All used materials are natural and recyclable. The structure of external walls is a combination of thermal light-concrete thermal blocks, EPS and wooden panels as a finish layer. The ceiling structure is a combination of wood, EPS and stone-wool thermal insulation. and floor structure is combination of XPS, concrete and wood

Andrej Andreev

Building services
Cimer Passivhus HB

Building physics
Andrej Andreev

Svetlin Dobrevski

Andrej Andreev

Certified building
Low-energy house new build

Treated Floor Area according to PHPP
127 m2

Construction type
mixed construction

Building type
detached single-family house

Alingsås, Sweden

Construction costs
2126 €/m2 Treated Floor Area according to PHPP (Costs of group 200-700)

Building structure costs (gross)
1067 €/m2 Treated Floor Area according to PHPP (Costs of group 300-400)

Air tightness
n50 = 0.1/h

Annual heating demand
27 kWh /(m2a ) calculated according to PHPP

Heating load
13 W/m2

PER demand (Renewable Primary Energy)
73 kWh /(m2a ) on heating installation, domestic hot water, household electricity and auxiliary electricity calculated according to PHPP

Exterior wall
Gipsum boards 0.180 [W/(mK)] 13mm
Wooden boards 0.130 [W/(mK)] 13mm
Rock wool 0.038 [W/(mK)] Wood regler white pine 0.130 [W/(mK)] 50mm
Leca block 0.180 [W/(mK)] 150mm
EPS Cellplast S300 0.033 [W/(mK)] 200mm
EPS Cellplast S300 0.033 [W/(mK)] Wood regler white pine 0.130 [W/(mK)] 100mm
Wooden boards 0.130 [W/(mK)] 22mm

Total 54,8sm
U-value = 0.089 W/(m2K)

Basement floor / floor slab
Parket oak 0.150 [W/(mK)] 15mm
Wooden board 0.120 [W/(mK)] 25mm
XPS 0.040 [W/(mK)] 50mm
Concrete 2.100 [W/(mK)] 100mm
Cellplast S300 0.033 [W/(mK)] 300mm

Total 49sm

U-value = 0.092 W/(m2K)

Gipsum boards 0.180 [W/(mK)] 13mm
Wooden boards 0.130 [W/(mK)] 13mm
Rock wool 0.038 [W/(mK)] Wood regler white pine 0.130 [W/(mK)] 100mm
EPS Cellplast S300 0.033 [W/(mK)] 350mm

Total 47,5sm
U-value = 0.075 W/(m2K)

Svenska Fönster AB, Vrid SF-2010
Laminated pine + aluminum external 130mm

w-value = 1.33 W/(m2K)

3-glass insulation box T4-16.
Energy glass and argon gas as standard.
Mounted according to MTK system 3, reinforced. P labeled.
Argon (90 %) / Argon (90 %)

g-value = 0.58 W/(m2K)
g -value = 50 %

Entrance door
Svenska Fönster AB
ingångsdörr Vrid SF-2010

d-value = 0.91 W/(m2K)

Brink Climate Systems B.V. Netherlands, Renovent Excellent 300 (Plus)
Specification: Airflow rate < 600m3/h
Heat exchanger: Recuperative
Heat recovery rate HR  75%
Specific electric power Pel,spec – 0.45 Wh/m3
Leakage < 3%
Comfort Supply air temperature – 16.5 degrees C
at outdoor air temperature of −10 degrees C

Airflow range 59–235m3/h
Heat recovery rate HR = 84%
Specific electric power Pel,spec = 0.26 Wh/m3

Heating installation
Brink electricity 1kW heater.

Floor electricity/water heating (Taco-Energy-Savings-ES2)

Domestic hot water
No storage.
1/2′ pipes distribution

More detailed information about the project you can find here.

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