Certified Passive House Designer / Consultant online course All-in package

Learn to design energy-efficient and cost-optimal buildings by implementing the Passive House principles in your projects and become a worldwide accredited Passive House professional.

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Module 1: 3, 4, 10, 11, 17, 18, 24 and 25 September 2024
Module 2: Self-paced + live Q&A on 1. October 2024
Module 3: Self-paced + live Q&A on 8. October 2024
Exam date: 31. October 2024
Time (live sessions): 9am – 12pm CEST

Starting in September. Exact dates to be announced soon. Join the waitlist to get notified.


No prior knowledge is required.

However, if you wish to enter with some background knowledge you can start with the Passive House 101 online course.

Estimated Time

In total, you will need around 90 hours to complete the whole course (including the exam preparation). 

The 3 modules that will fully prepare you to become a Passive House professional

Our 3 modules will take you step by step from getting a full understanding of the Passive House design and construction principles to learning how to use the software needed to implement all the knowledge in your future projects.

  • Learn how to implement the Passive House design and construction principles for any type of building anywhere in the world
  • Get fully prepared to successfully pass the Certified Passive House Designer/Consultant exam
  • Master all functionalities of the PHPP software needed to create energy models for small residential projects

Proven professional process

A step-by-step process that will enable you to make any project meet the high requirements of the Passive House standard.

Real world examples and actionable advice

All design and construction principles are taught based on real-world case studies – from cold to hot climates. 

In-depth feedback from industry experts

Hone your Passive House skills with feedback from the PHS experts, live sessions, and Q&A sessions.

MODULE 1: Passive House Design and Construction

In Module 1 you will learn the Passive House principles in detail and how to apply them to design and build in various climates, from very hot to very cold zones. The module is highly practical, with principles explained through numerous case studies, including single-family homes, multi-family residential buildings, and office buildings. The lecture materials are developed based on the latest materials by Passive House Institute (PHI) in Germany and do cover ALL learning targets set by PHI for the Certified Passive House Designer/Consultant exam.

  • 8x3h live online sessions
  • Sessions are recorded so that you can re-/watch them at your convenience.
  • Includes interactive exercises, experiments and multiple case studies

What you'll learn in Module 1?

Introduction to the Passive House Standard

Overview of the Passive House principles, certification and comfort criteria

Opaque building envelope

Insulation, airtightness and thermal bridge free design and construction techniques; suitable materials and construction systems and their effect on the heating and cooling demand


Choosing the right frames, glass panels and spacers; In-depth look at the placement and construction of the Passive House Windows and Doors and their components and efficiency

Ventilation system

Design principles of the mechanical ventilation system with heat recovery; ventilation system components, distribution and operation


Design principles of the heating system in Passive House buildings; mechanical system’s distribution and operation

Cooling and dehumidification

Design principles of the cooling and dehumidification system in Passive House buildings; mechanical system’s distribution and operation


Economics of the Passive House design and construction; cost and risk reduction; marketability

Quality assurance and building certification

Understand what has to be checked on-site and how to check it to make sure the building will perform as planned. The certification procedure and requirements will be explained in detail.

Passive House Retrofit

Strategies for retrofitting to the EnerPHit standard

MODULE 2: CPHD/C Online Exam Preparation

This Certified Passive House Designer/Consultant Online Exam Preparation module is specifically developed to thoroughly prepare you for successfully passing the exam.

In this module, we provide tips and tricks on how to approach and prepare for the CPHD/C exam. Together, we will go through a complete sample exam, discussing all questions in depth. Additionally, to solidify your learning from Module 1, you’ll work on practical tasks such as creating a window detail, designing a ventilation system, and designing an entire Passive House building.

  • 10-15h self-paced learning time
  • Full support from us through our Live online Q&A session and via our Community platform
  • Access to over 300 additional exam questions

What you'll learn in Module 2?

Window and Ventilation Exercise

In this lesson, we will explain to you what the exercises are, what is expected from you and show you some sample solutions of previous course participants. For the first exercise, you will have to draw a window installation detail. For the second exercise, you will design the whole ventilation system of a Passive House building.

The solutions of all course participants will be discussed at the live Q&A session.

Ventilation system calculations

Dimensioning the ventilation system of a Passive House building can be difficult. If not done correctly, there could be many problems such as not having enough fresh air in some rooms or even the whole building, if the system is oversized, your clients will have to pay much more than needed, etc. That’s why we will show you exactly, step by step, how to make all necessary calculations.  

Design exercise

Exercise 32 of the Certified Passive House Designer / Consultant exam is to design a whole Passive House building. Even for the most experienced architects, this can be a very challenging task. In this lesson, we will fully prepare you for this exercise. For homework you will have to complete the exercise and at the live Q&A session, we will discuss your design and give you feedback on what has to be optimized, so that you can be fully prepared for the exam.

The CPHD/C exam explained

In this lesson, we will explain to you the whole CPHD/C exam and the type of questions that are included in the exam.

Sample exam in-depth discussion

We will go together through a whole CPHD/C sample exam. In the video, we go through every single question and discuss the possible answers in detail.

Exam tips and tricks

The exam is only 3 hours long and even for the most experienced professionals, it can be challenging. That’s why we will give you tips and tricks not only on how to prepare for the exam but also on how to approach the exam.

Additional questions

At the end of the module, you will get access to more than 300 additional questions, similar to the questions you will get at the exam, to fully prepare you for successfully passing the exam and becoming a Certified Passive House Designer / Consultant. 

MODULE 3: Using PHPP in Passive House Design and Certification

In module 3, you will learn how to use PHPP for residential building design and certification. We’ll guide you step-by-step through all the relevant worksheets, teaching you how to minimize potential mistakes and what data to use for accurate calculations.

We firmly believe in a hands-on learning approach. Therefore, this module is based on a sample project where you will perform preliminary and final energy calculations, assess building heat loss and summer overheating, and evaluate the impact of various design decisions on the building’s energy performance. By the end of the module, you will be familiar with all relevant functionalities of the software and capable of modeling your own residential Passive House projects. As well, we’ll demonstrate how to work with designPH and optimize your PHPP workflow.

  • 10h self-paced learning
  • Full support from us through our Live online Q&A session and via our Community platform
  • Additionally, you get 12 Credit Points for renewing your Certificate.

What you'll learn in Module 3?

PHPP and designPH Introduction

Introduction to using the PHPP and designPH software in Passive House design and construction

PHPP Folder structure explained

Explaining the folder structure of the PHPP software

PHPP Overview

Overview of the whole software

Opaque building envelope

Making inputs for the opaque building envelope of the building

TFA and Thermal Bridge inputs

Learning to calculate the TFA of the building and make inputs for the thermal bridges

Windows and components

Making inputs for the windows and window components of the building


Entering shading objects

Ventilation and heating

Entering all data for the ventilation system and the heating system of the building

Cooling and summer comfort

Entering mechanical systems for cooling and dehumidification to meet the summer comfort requirenments

DHW, Electricity and Renewable energy production

Making inputs for the Domestic Hot Water system, Electricity usage and Renewable energy production

Checking the PHPP inputs

Checking all inputs for any mistakes and whether all the comfort criteria are met

Optimizing the design

In this lesson, you will learn how to use the PHPP to optimize the design and how to choose the right components for any project using the PHPP so that the building meets the high comfort and energy efficiency criteria of the Passive House standard.

Using designPH to optimize the workflow

You will learn how you can use designPH to optimize the workflow with PHPP and minimize potential mistakes

Become worldwide accredited Passive House Designer with

Passive House Institute (PHI) certification

Certified Passive House designer seal

We’ve got you covered!

Certification guarantee included


We firmly believe our course is among the best available. With a 99,5% pass rate over the last four years, we are confident and proud of our results.

That’s why we offer a Certification Guarantee. What does that mean? It’s simple: complete every module and all the exercises, and if you still don’t pass the exam, we’ll cover the cost of your second attempt.

Join us and become our next success story!

Passive House Course Certification Guarantee

Access (in full) to the best software for energy modelling on the market…

NEW: Passive House Planning Package (PHPP10)

Meet your course instructors

Learn from industry experts

Svetlin - Passive House Certifier

Svetlin Dobrevski

Co-Founder, Passive House Certifier, Certified Passive House Consultant

Svetlin is Passive House Trainer, Consultant, and Certifier globally accredited by the Passive House Institute. He designed, built, and now lives in the first Passive House Classic in Bulgaria. Svetlin has been delivering Passive House Designer courses for over 10 years and he trained 250+ people from over 20 countries. He has 25+ years of experience in the building sector and worked on numerous Passive House projects all over the world. He was also a keynote speaker at the International Passive House Conferences in 2017 and 2018. In his spare time, Svetlin enjoys hiking in nature, fencing, and archery.

Anton Dobrevski

Co-Founder, Certified Passive House Consultant & Trainer, Leed Green Associate

Anton became one of the youngest Certified Passive House Consultants in the world at the age of 16. He is also an accredited Passive House Trainer by the PHI and a LEED Green Associate. Anton graduated with a Master’s degree in architecture at the Delft University of Technology. Currently, he is designing and consulting multiple Passive House projects all over the globe. Anton is a passionate advocate of the Passive House Standard and his aim is to make the Passive House Standard accessible to people all over the world. In his spare time, Anton enjoys music, karate, yoga, and traveling.

What our course participants say about the course:

Successfully completed by 300+ students from over 20 countries

Mihai Toader-Pasti

Mihai Toader-Pasti

Imagineer. Designer. Builder.

“Svetlin and Anton were amazing in teaching us a lot about Passive Houses in this intensive course. They not only made sure we understood the concepts, but they took time for us to know how to solve problems and do the exercises. They answered every question, more or less related to the course. It was great and I totally recommend this course.”

Dr. Jamal Alabid

Dr. Jamal Alabid

Assistant Professor in the Institute of Sustainable Building Design

“The course is very interesting and covered most of the related design elements and principles that one needs to technically design and build at least a low energy building.”

Muslim Mohammed

Muslim Mohammed

Founder Passive House Iraq

“Passive House School is one of the best academic centers in the world to acquire more knowledge and learn about the Passive House Standard. Sincere thanks to the team for everything they thought me and for all the help.”

David Nikuradze

David Nikuradze

Managing Partner at Spectrum

“The course was great. It was very useful and helpful and covered all the design principles of the Passive House Standard.”

Gerardo Galaviz

Gerardo Galaviz


“Very positive experience, all the lectures, and presentations were well-planned and coherent. I really enjoyed the online course. I thought it was well planned and laid out, easy for me to follow.”

Paul Fenech

Paul Fenech

Mechanical Engineer - Crane Currency

“The course gives amazing insights to save energy. It was excellent, well presented and the tutors stopped to answer all questions. Anton and Svetlin are very experienced.”

Edel Regan

Edel Regan

Architect M.R.I.A.I. F.R.I.A.I.

“The Certified Passive House Designer online course was very good and informative.”

Eddy Schoonfeld

Eddy Schoonfeld

Self employed CAD-engineer specialized in yacht interiors

The course is totally focused on and goes deep into learning about the Passivhaus standard. For me personally, it had a well-organized structure and covered the subjects extensively. The personal interaction with both Anton and Svetlin certainly added a lot to my understanding of the subjects. All in all, very good and inspiring!"

Aradhana B Jajodia

Aradhana B Jajodia


"The course was taught in an interactive way, by very friendly instructors. The course material is very practical and actionable. The PHPP workshop is very important, appreciate the training. Great course! I highly recommend it."

Arthur Segawa

Arthur Segawa

Engineering Intern

"I like that the course is very prescriptive on achieving the PH standard for all buildings. The CPHD/C course is the best program on the seriousness of why we should go PassiveHaus and how to do it pragmatically with fool-proof concepts."

Dmitry Yudin

Dmitry Yudin

Co-Founder D1 Construction

“I have filled a lot of the gaps in my knowledge. I have got, not only a lot of qualitative information but also a lot of practical experience from the instructors. It was very, very useful. I would recommend everyone to merge into the Passive House concept with the help of the Passive House School. Thanks a lot, guys!”

Joakim Ho

Joakim Ho

Building Designer at Natural Matters Design

“I think the course was a great intro to PHPP and designPH. Svetlin and Anton are very knowledgable and together do a great job presenting the material.”

Basem Al Manzalawy

Basem Al Manzalawy

Director at Nepras Dubai International

“The course was perfect and I got lots of useful information.”

Jonas Hinz

Jonas Hinz

Founder Baucore

“Very good course and well explained, I liked being able to watch the course in my own time through the recordings as I was not able to attend, this was a great benefit no other course provider could offer!”

Khaleefa Al Hemli

Khaleefa Al Hemli


The course was organized and goes deep into the core of the passive house design principles. The instructors went beyond the material of the course to explain and make sure every information they have provided is well understood. They even prepared materials to get us ready for the exam and make us familiar with the exam process. This is the best ever course... Beyond well organized and prepared. Really, you get what you ask for and even more!

Will Hecto

Will Hecto

"There is a lot to learn very quickly but I thought the course was well presented with a different topic each day. It was very good and I would highly recommend it! Thank you Anton & Svetlin"

Michael Sauter

Michael Sauter

Consultant, Circular Project

"The videos and additional questions made it easy to go back to topics as required, most of the content was very well and easy to understand presented."

Tom Cole

Tom Cole


"Well structured, organized, and communicated. The pace was good, spread over 2 weeks with a few weeks to study for the exam I thought was optimum. It was particularly useful seeing Svetlin's Passive House projects. The course is great & would highly recommend it. It has vastly improved my understanding of building technology and feel every architect should be taught this."

Joseph Keppeln

Joseph Keppeln

Economist CleaFinTech

"Online, concise well explained with a possibility to ask questions at all times. You will leave the course understanding the dynamics and importance of energy efficiency not only for passive houses but all types of constructions, residential, commercial, or industrial. I am very satisfied with the dedication, inputs organization of the material and also online material."

Eduard Bucsa

Eduard Bucsa


"I liked most that the course was interactive. I personally think you have the best format I've seen so far for an online course with so many practical applications, with so much information, all presented in a relatively short time. It's definitely clear that you worked very hard to get it to this point. Congratulations! Honored I could attend to this and learn from you."

John Purcell

John Purcell

Engineer Kerry County Council

"I like most the presentations and practical examples, good explanations on thermal bridging and their impact. The course was excellent and very good to learn about passive design."

Bruno Guerre

Bruno Guerre

Real estate investor, Engineer at MC2 invest

"effectivness / focus / organisation / team work. Very good traning!"

Zeid Bdeir

Zeid Bdeir

Projects Manager, Arab Technical Construction Company

"The course was straight to the point, no time wasted, and well structured."

Olivia Laughlin

Olivia Laughlin

Architect at Fiftypointeight Architecture + Interiors

"The course was well structured and very well organised. Anton and Svetlin presented clearly and have a comprehensive knowledge of Passivhaus design, being able to answer any questions around the topics of discussion without hesitation. An excellent course that I am extremely glad to have participated in. The course has given me an excellent foundation on which to further build my Passivhaus knowledge and improve my sustainable design practice. 'Active' learning in the PHPP workshop helped to put the fundamental concepts of Passivhaus, covered in the learning seminars, into practice and makes the prospect of completing a PHPP worksheet for a live project less intimidating."

Carina Ramos

Carina Ramos

3k0 Architectural Design Ltd.

"I am really happy with the content. I wish my teacher from the uni was explaining as good as you."

Thanos Psalidas

Thanos Psalidas

Civil Engineer at European Architectural Supply

"The course offered me a life/work/education balance. It being online and on-demand, helped me to fit it into my schedule. The feedback and answers to questions are almost instantaneous. Anton and Svetlin have deep knowledge of the field. The answers are sharp and to the point. The course is structured in a way that in my opinion, anyone can gain the knowledge and be able to implement it in their projects.
The greatest thing of all, I would say is the passive house school community. This is a great idea, and it will be really helpful in the future, not only to share information, and feedback with peers but also a way to connect with each other."

Broderick Jacobs

Broderick Jacobs

Environmentally Sustainable Design Consultant with Ark Resources

The course was very good! I liked the delivery and found the content engaging. I like that Anton is always happy to answer questions and provide extra explanations when necessary.
I really enjoyed using the online platforms for the course/community, it is very user-friendly and easy to pick up.

Rebecca Zammit

Rebecca Zammit

Perit Rebecca Zammit- Self Employed

Overall well structured, well presented and very informative. The course gives you the ability to be flexible with your study hours. Anton is always very responsive and a great help throughout. The online community platform is a great idea to keep connected during & after the course.

Cristiana Bondrescu

Cristiana Bondrescu

Civil Engineer -Freelancer

Great course, interactive, very well prepared teachers with background in designing and assessing Passive Houses, a great blend of theory and practical examples. Bonus you get to design a house in PHPP and get a strategy and tons of exercises in order to prepare for the exam. Great job Anton and Svetlin ! I highly recommend your course.

Tony Mcgrath

Tony Mcgrath

TMG DESIGNS Architectural planning consultants

I would recommend the Passive house school course if you are architect or engineer - Very good course, learned a lot from passive standards The method of the presentation is very nice and clear. The materials/course is important as fundamental knowledge of Passive House design. It was perfect!

Poone Yazdanpanah

Poone Yazdanpanah

M.Arch - Senior Lecturer in landscape architecture

Having pursued a Ph.D. in design for sustainability and adopting a holistic approach to sustainable architecture in the academic realm for over two decades, I found myself seeking practical knowledge to transition effectively into the industry. The course not only met but exceeded my expectations, providing me with the hands-on knowledge I needed to bridge the gap between theoretical expertise and practical application. As someone deeply committed to promoting sustainability and holding a position as an academic commissioner in the Essex Climate Action Plan Committee, I embarked on this journey with the hope of acquiring the necessary skills to contribute meaningfully to the industry. The course, with its well-structured content and expert tutors, has equipped me with the practical insights required to make a significant impact in the field. Upon completion and certification as a designer, I am eager to apply the skills acquired and contribute towards realizing net-zero carbon homes for the future, particularly in our county. I believe that the knowledge gained through this course will not only enhance my professional capabilities but will also enable me to contribute more profoundly to the ambitious goals set by the Essex Climate Action Plan Committee.

Dorotea Ferrito

Dorotea Ferrito

PRC Architecture & Planning

I will definetely suggest it - This course was well organized and I really appreciated the fact that everyone can go at his own own pace , thanks to the recorded lectures

Martijn Wisse

Martijn Wisse

Tender engineer, BigLift Shipping

All videos and explanations are clear. Good, very useful.

Giulia Pasqualini Galliani

Giulia Pasqualini Galliani


I am really impressed by this course and the knowledge of Anton and Svetlin on the Passive House. The course is really well structured and also with additional imputs and infromation. Anton is really helpful and he is always available for any question or information. The Community is also a great tool to share knowledge and questions with other specialists and also with Anton and Svetlin.

Jack Byrne

Jack Byrne

Architectural Technologist

I found the course very interesting and relevant with the current push for more sustainable practices and buildings. Both Anton and Svetlin are very knowledgeable and keen on answering any questions we have as well as making sure people understood what was discussed in each session. It’s quite intense if you have a full time occupation but that’s not a critique of the course itself.

Patricia Assuncao do Rosario

Patricia Assuncao do Rosario

Architectural Designer

I liked the fact that I could learn and complete the course at my own pace. Very well structured and thorough learning material, with a good amount of sample exercises and practice exam papers. The bonus learning material offered are great! They'll further help solidify what has been learned over the course.

Andrada Selter

Andrada Selter


I am really happy with the decision of taking this course, the lectures are very well prepared and the theoretical informations are very well complemented by practical situations explained and by many tips and tricks. The flexibility of the parts which are harder is very wellcomed, as everyone has a different pace. The only thing that I think deserves a little bit of adjustment are the 2nd and 3rd module as timings and programmed meetings for questions, maybe more time and more meetings to keep a tighter schedule would be nice.

Pete Collings

Pete Collings

Architect at PETE COLLINGS architect

Great, if you're looking for fast-tracked accreditation. The way it was delivered: Anton was clear and succinct with an ability to make sure the information was understood before moving on.

Martijn Wisse

Martijn Wisse

Enquiry engineer at BigLift Shipping

The teachers were very good at explaining everything very thoroughly and answering questions of the students. It was also very good to have some practical experience with PHPP and the design exercises. The 4 hours in one sitting was a bit long for an evening course after work. For me 3 hour sessions from 17.00h to 20.00h would work better I think.

Tom Hulsman

Tom Hulsman

Architect at Studio TMOJ

The course is really great, with passionate and helpful tutors. There's a ton of information but it is al brought very clearly and there are several moments during the course where you can discuss your questions with your fellow students and tutors. Next to this there is also a good online community where you can ask questions and find extra answers/information.

Alexandra Antal

Alexandra Antal

Architect at HTA Design and Professional Studies Tutor at the Architectural Association

I am very happy with my decision to follow this course. Anton and Svetlin have a lot of knowledge & experience and they are great teachers.
Very well-structured and paced, the course has more than prepared me for passing the exams and becoming a Certified Passive House Designer: it has been a refresh of building physics and provided me with a lot of new information about energy efficiency.
I've very much enjoyed the option to join seminars live - online, or watch them at our own pace as it was easier to fit in with other obligations. The homework and exercises helped me bridge the gap between knowledge and application.
Much recommended.

Certified Passive House Designer / Consultant online course

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Frequently Asked Questions

If your questions aren’t covered below, you can book a discovery call or chat with us.

Who is this course for?

Anyone can take part in the course! There is no prior knowledge required.

We’ve had a wide variety of course participants, ranging from professional architects and structural engineers to Bachelor students, investors, policymakers, salespersons, builders and even homeowners (who had zero knowledge about designing and constructing buildings).

Is any prior knowledge required?

No prior knowledge is required for this course. It is ideal for anyone willing to learn about the standard and/or to make their first step into the Passive House industry.

Only if you have zero experience with the design and construction process of buildings, we recommend you start with the Passive House 101 online course.

When will the next course take place?

The next course will take place in November 2024.

If you want to take part in this course, please send us a message so that you can save your spot.

Can I take part only in one of the modules?

Yes, please get in touch with us and mention in which module you are interested in.

How long will I have access to the course recordings?

All attendees will get 3-month access to the course recordings after the course finishes. This way everyone will be able to fully prepare to successfully pass the CPHD/C exam.

What are the requirements to be eligible for the certification guarantee?

Even after completing the whole course, you still don’t pass the exam, the exam guarantee will cover the exam costs for your second exam attempt, i.e. we will cover the costs for the exam ticket for your second attempt.

To qualify for the certification guarantee, you have to complete the whole course and finish all exercises:

  • Before the exam, you have to have watched and/or participated in all lectures. If you couldn’t take part in any of the live sessions, you can still qualify for the certification guarantee if you rewatch the recordings of the live session.
  • You have to complete all exercises – this means you have to send all exercises to us to check them. 

DISCLAIMER: Any additional costs, apart from the costs for the exam ticket and the accreditation fees, will have to be covered by you.

What is the difference between a Passive House Designer and a Passive House Consultant?

Both titles are equal in terms of qualification with ref­er­en­ce to the Passive House relevant knowledge. The requirements for attaining this certificate and for renewal are also the same. The only difference between Certified Passive House Designers and Consultants depends on your background, as far as Designers come from highly relevant fields. Consultants, on the other hand, can come from any background. Normally, Passive House Designers work in plan­ning of­fices on the con­crete im­ple­ment­a­tion of the Pass­ive House Stand­ard, while Pass­ive House Con­sult­ants usu­ally con­trib­ute to its dis­sem­in­a­tion through their work as re­search­ers or speak­ers, or as de­cision makers in gov­ern­ment au­thor­it­ies.

A clear classification is not always easy due to the diverse educational qualifications, professions and the legal provisions relating to buildings worldwide. For this reason, the Passive House Institute has specified two possibilities for classification as a “Certified Passive House Designer”:

  • Providing proof of an educational qualification which enables you to plan buildings or technical building systems independently. This educational qualification should have reached a certain level (e.g. diploma or bachelor’s degree) and have been attained in a specialized subject that primarily involves the planning of buildings or building services systems.
  • Providing proof of membership in an institution, whose members are entitled to provide planning services that are subject to approval by a building authority (e.g. Chamber of Architects).

You qualify for the Designer title if you have the following educational qualification:

  • Architect or interior designer
  • Civil or timber construction engineer
  • Building physicist
  • Building and energy technology engineer
  • Building contractor
  • Master carpenter
  • Certified technician for structural engineering, building construction, heating plumbing and ventilation technology or supply technology

If you have the following educational qualification, you qualify for the Consultant title:

  • Degree in (analytical) chemistry, electrical engineering, or manufacturing engineering
  • Engineering degree in environmental technology and resource management
  • Construction industry environmental safety technician
  • Environmental engineer
  • Gas, plumbing, and ventilation systems technician
  • Woodwork technician
  • Certified technician for electronics
  • Energy consultant
  • Architectural draftsman
  • Geometrician
  • Woodwork technician for window installation
  • Managing director
  • Property sales manager/estate agent
  • Economist

Note: You just have to provide a copy of the proof to your course/ex­am­in­a­tion host or as­sess­ing body. The at­tained Con­sult­ant title can be changed into the De­sign­er title if such proof is only ob­tained and sub­mit­ted later on (e.g. tak­ing an ex­am­in­a­tion dur­ing train­ing). If no proof is sub­mit­ted, the Con­sult­ant title will be gran­ted upon suc­cess­ful qual­i­fic­a­tion.

For how long is the Certified Passive House Designer / Consultant certificate valid?

The Certified Passive House Designer / Consultant certificate is valid for 5 years. After that the certificate can be renewed in two ways:

  • By submitting project documentation, it is possible to renew a certificate at any time, even if your certificate has already expired some time ago (for this you need to be the PH desdigner/consultant of a building that gets certfiied).
  • You can also renew your certificate through credit points for continuing education by attending events, conferences, and additional courses. Here you can check out our courses for which you can get additional credit points to renew your certificate. 
What kind of software and tools do I need to take this course?

You don’t need any prior knowledge and experience with any software.

The whole course is conducted remotely and all materials are shared via the internet. Therefore, you should have a good internet connection. Speeds of 3 Mbps are required for the live sessions and 16 Mbps for the final online exam.

For the exam, you will need to supply your own PC or Mac computer (Linux can’t be used for the exam). Moreover, you will need colored pencils and a scientific calculator. If you don’t have one, we would recommend you get the Casio fx-991 ES PLUS C.

For Module 3, you will need to have Microsoft Excel (paid; free trial available) or OpenLibre (free) in order to be able to work with the Passive House Planning Package (PHPP).

What materials are provided for the class?

All the slides and course material from the ‘Passive House Design and Construction’ module will be provided in a downloadable pdf format with additional notes which you can then print and use during the preparation for the exam.

During the ‘CPHD/C Online Exam Preparation’ and the ‘PHPP workshop’ modules, we will share with you multiple handouts and booklets with exercises in PDF format. 

You will get the Passive House Planning Package (PHPP) with a unique personal registration number. The PHPP is also required by the PHI to register for the exam.

All materials that we will share with you during the course, you can use at the exam as far as they are printed. Digital materials are not allowed at the exam.

We will give you access to all course materials from Module 1, 10 days before the course starts.

Am I going to get a certificate?

After successfully passing the exam, you will get the Certified Passive House Designer / Consultant certificate issued by the Passive House Institute (PHI) in Germany.

After completing the whole course, we can also issue a certificate of completion stating the total course hours.

Is this course accredited by any institution?

Yes, the course is officially accredited by the Passive House Institute (PHI).

Also, the Certified Passive House Designer / Consultant title that you will acquire after passing the exam, is accredited and valid worldwide.

What is the time commitment and schedule for the class?

In total, you will need around 90 hours to complete the whole course.

Module 1 is structured into eight 3-hour live online sessions. All live sessions will be recorded, so that you can rewatch them later while preparing for the exam or in case you were unable to join the live session. 

The CPHD/C Online Exam Preparation module (2) is self-paced and includes a live online Q&A session at which will be discussed all exercises and answered all questions regarding the CPHD/C online exam. Approximately 15 hours are needed to complete the whole module.

Module 3 is a self-paced module that includes a 3-hour live Q&A session to clarify all your questions about the software. Approximately 15 hours are needed to complete the whole module.

After the course is finished, to prepare for the exam, depending on your schedule, you can budget about 1 hour every day during the time between the course and the exam, or you can schedule a few longer sessions each week. In total the exam preparation will take you around 30 hours. Either way, the course is designed to immerse you in the learning process, while still fitting into almost anyone’s busy schedule. 

Does it matter which time zone I’m in?

No, it doesn’t matter which timezone you are in. You can take this class from anywhere in the world. Also, the material at the course covers design and construction strategies for all climate zones.

All live lessons are recorded and the lessons from Modules 2 and 3 are pre-recorded, so you can watch them around your own schedule.

If you can’t join most of the live sessions, then we will give you the opportunity to schedule a 1-on-1 call with Anton and/or Svetlin to discuss any questions that you have. And this, of course, will be for free… 

Are classes live? Do I have to log in at a specific time?

Module 1 is structured into eighth 3-hour live online sessions. All live sessions will be recorded, so that you can rewatch them later while preparing for the exam or in case you were unable to join the live session. 

All the video lessons from Module 2 and 3 are pre-recorded, allowing you to watch them whenever is best for you. For each Module, there will be a 4-hour live Q&A session which will be also recorded.

You’ll get many of the benefits of learning in-person but from the comfort of your own home with the flexibility of your own hours.

Do I get a discount as a student or an iPHA Member?

Students and iPHA members get a 10% discount.

If you are an iPHA Member, please send an email to team@passivehouseschool.com with a link to your iPHA membership to provide you with a discount code.

If you are a university student, please send your proof of enrollment to team@passivehouseschool.com from your student email address.

Note: These discounts cannot be combined with other offers and discounts.

What is your refund policy?

You can find our refund policy on the Access Term, Refund and Cancellation Policy page. The Certified Passive House Designer/Consultant online course is a Single Live Passive House School Course.

Can I get an invoice for my purchase?

You will receive a receipt for your purchase which is tax compliant and can be used for claiming business expenses. For this, you have to enter your business details and VAT number (if applicable) on the checkout and you will receive your receipt via email after enrolling in the course.

If you live in a country where an invoice is required by law, the platform we use for our courses (teachable) will issue an invoice in PDF format for your purchase. If an invoice is not required by law, you will receive a receipt for your purchase.

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